Horrible Complications Long Term Tumescent Liposuction

My life is a miserable hell it has been six months...

my life is a miserable hell it has been six months and i am in horrible pain and looked deformed.

i am 50 and my procedure was 6 months ago. i have fibro and arthritis. i signed release forms for all my medical records to be given to the doctor who did my procedure and i also told him all that was wrong with me and he still said i was a perfect candidate for this procedure. i trusted him and i didnt know he didnt even get my medical records until a couple of months ago when i asked him he said no he just took my word on it.

i am still having swelling and pain 6 months after my tumescent lipo plus i look deformed i have fibromyalgia and aarthritis, i had a cat scan but it showed up that i was healed my life is ruined by the constant swelling, pain, and by the way i look any suggestions out there please help i am desperate


So sorry that your going through this. I suspect that the person that perform the procedure is not a board certified plastic surgeon. If he is, then he needs to be reported to the state medical board for evaluation. There are medicine that can help ease swelling and bruising. The best thing to do is consult with your family doctor to find ways to ease your discomfort. And if the deformities bothers you, get a liable board certified plastic surgeon to do revision. I hope by now, you feel better. Best wishes.
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Contact 1-866-275-2267 to get your state board contact information and report this doctor.
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Please mam go report him to the medical board. I dont think thst a doctor check it out please.
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dr. stephen becker

see all the info above

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