Tried Steroid Injections and Surgery but Keloid Still Grows Back

Im a light skinned african american with a keloid...

im a light skinned african american with a keloid on the side of my face that resulted from chicken pox as a child and i have tried the injections of steriod,the trips,and i recently had surgery to have it removed and it is growing is painful when it gets irritated and it itches at times and it is very noticeable due to my skin color.

what can i do to make it at least a little less noticeable and to ease the swelling,pain,and itching when it get irritated? is there a way to get rid of the keloid?

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he made me believe he could remove without it returning by stretching the skin and stitching inward and it obviously didnt work because it came back

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Rejuveness could help. I've heard that it works so you can give it a try, it's a little expensive but it cost wayyy chaper than laser or sugery and you get results.
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NO..No I had a keloid cut out and removed once my doctor done the procedure he had me to go to the hospital and have radation done, It won't harm you but the keliod will not come back check with a a good plastic surgeon and make sure everthing is done there at the hospital...... Your Insurance will cover it make sure you ask the doctor to write the Insurance company for there approval because you have been having problems with this keloid it will help ,it help me by the way I'm a beautiful black female
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where did you get it done im trying to find someone reliable in my area (atlanta)
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When you got your keloid removed did you get radiation as well? I have two keloids that I am considering having them excised, but will get radiation (and a steroid injection) post-excision. According to some articles that I have seen it results in a 10% chance of recurrence. Just wondering what your experience was.
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Tazorac has anti keratolic effects that Retina A doesn't share...Not only will it improve your skin overall it will help the scar at a min prevent it from getting larger..
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Try using vinegar as a toner or soak it's great for keloids and even itching,,, over time it will help...Aldara can help to but you need to see your doc and ask for a prescription..
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