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Juvederm on Sides of Mouth and Under Eyes

I had folds on the sides of my mouth that i hated....

I had folds on the sides of my mouth that i hated. that is all i saw as I looked at myself. I found a reputable plastic surgeon and I had on vial of juvederm injected in both sides.

The results were instant and i was happy. But new little folds have developed (3 weeks later) and the doctor suggested that i massage them. When i massage them, it moves around and sometimes looks ok. But i'm wondering if this is normal and if this doctor could have injected it in a way so it wouldnt move. He had suggested I needed a vial on each side but that was unaffordable for me and I thought i'd listen to his advice which is to get a little at a time.

I'm definitely happy but it still doesnt look right. I'm tempted to go to a spa that is a lot less expensive to get the area filled in some more. Then i had my undereyes done with one vial. that was 6 days ago and my eyes are still black and blue. Its going away but it's hard to tell how it will look.

I'm also concerned about the price of juvederm. I see it on the internet fairly cheap compared to the 600 cost of one vial and i'm wondering if there are qualifed people to inject it at a lower cost.

I'm supposed to go back for a followup and was intending on getting my nasolabial folds done too. Maybe the problem is the doctor is suggesting 2 vials for these procedures and I can only afford one. I think I look better and that is definitely worth it. Does everyone have these lumps to massage? Thanks :o)

Updated on Oct 6, 2009
I've had 2 vials of juvederm in my mouth facial lines, one shot of botox in my chin and one vial of juvederm under my eyes. I'm happy with the results but feel I need more both to correct these areas and also for other areas. I can't afford it at $600 a vial. Do you think maybe the price will be reduced soon?
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Hi. I had it done by a reputable plastic surgeon. He had suggested 2 vials for my mouth creases and i had one and wasnt quite happy with the results , so a few weeks later i had another. He also put a shot of botox in my chin to "stabilize" the area. Right now i'm very happy although i still think i could use a bit more. I would only go to a plastic surgeon. I considered changing to someone less expensive but I would have to see proof that they were competent. Also it seems that the price difference isn't that much. Look on this board to see if theres someone in your area thats recommended. Definitely do it though. I love it.
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I plan to have this done to the creases around my mouth. I am having a PA do it. She works for a dermatologist. Should I go to a plastic surgeon? Am really concerned about this. Thanks
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Hi Theresa.. oh gee Exactly the same with me. My doctor is an eye surgeon so i think he did a good job. It bled a lot and he told me i would have bruising. Wed I go back and my eyes are still very bruised. that will be 2 weeks. one worse than the other. I've been wearing dark glasses and heavy makeup to kinda cover it. I think it will look really good when it goes away. I'm a bit worried there might be a line but i think its all just bruising. One side is more bruised and a little more puffy. In general they are not too puffy. I also had my sides of mouth done and that is really great but i think i need on more vial (600) aaak. He was going to do my nasobial but thats 800 and i would rather he got my other area a little better. I wish he would deal with prices. I have no job but this is making me feel a lot better. Right now i have to go see someone and I'mgetting ready to load the makeup.After reading these stories i feel lucky that i went to someone really good for my eyes. I doubt you will need any removed. Hopefully he will say to leave it alone and the bruising will go away along with the puffiness. Let me know and I'll be sure to report what happens wed. :o)
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Hi. Can anyone tell me how long it took for your bruising to go away completely under the eyes? Tear trough area. It's been 3 weeks + for me and it is still showing slightly. Also one side is a little puffier than the other. I go back on wed. for my plastic surgeon to check on this. May have to inject the "other" stuff that smooths it out. I hope not...
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Hi Thanks for your comment. Yeah I have to go back to the doctor next week for him to check my eyes.Hes an eye surgeon so I think he did a great job on filling in my lowers. I've had 2 black eyes for over a week now and its finally going away to where i can see the difference. I really love this stuff. I think I'll wait with the nasolabial and instead use the one syringe I can afford on putting a little more into my creases around my mouth area. Thats what had really bothered me in the first place and although its a million times better i think one more shot would fix it good.I wish he would give me a discount or something but he doesnt seem like he will. (i kinda tried).Guess i need to quit ebay and try again to get a job to support this! :o)
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Do yourself a favor and wait until you can afford to have it done right--it's your FACE for God's sake! I just had it done too--I can't tell you how happy I am with the results, and I'm going back to have the nasolabial area done this time. Yes, it's expensive (and I paid a LOT more than you) but the results are worth it. I know I was told that if they don't fill in the area completely you will see some folding of the skin, but save your money to have a little more put in. Just don't go to some fly-by-night spa--the results are all in the expertise of the doctor, not the juvederm itself. Good luck to you!
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