Juvederm Made my Dark Circles More Noticeable

I had a positive experience through the procedure....

I had a positive experience through the procedure. No or little pain, very gentle touch. I had this procedure done because my cheeks have that sunken look. I wanted them to look a little fuller again.

About an hour or two after the procedure I noticed that I looked more tired around my eyes and that my dark circles seemed more pronounced. I thought it was due to the experience and that I would look better in the morning. Well, it did not get better and my dark cirlces make me look like a zombie. I am not happy at all!!

Will the dark cirlces under my eyes get any better? Is this common? I am contemplating them taking some or all of it out.

I did go back to the dermatologist and showed them my dark cirlces. They said that there wasn't too much injected it was just the shadow that it created that gave me more visible dark circles. They have actually gotten better since last week and the puffiness has gone away so there is some hope. I have an appointment next week so that they can put a little more in to try to get rid of the shadow. I always seem to be the "more difficult case" in most situations, but I have to say I am much happier than I was a week ago. Did you have the same problem when you had the juvederm last September? when you say 'barely reduced' do you mean the puffiness or the juvederm effect?
Hi. I just went to the doc and have/had the same problem. He treated it with a tiny bit of the reversal substance (name?) He said that it is applied much closer to the skin than the other type of Juvederm and it is blue to begin with so it shows up as blue--dark circle blue--as in me. In addition, mine were puffy. I just had the shot an hour to reverse, so I hope that it takes some puffiness away. My original Juvederm treatment on eyes was in September, so it's lasted 9 months already and barely reduced.
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I have had juvederm injected before into the nasolabial fold and was very happy. Very gentle touch and barely felt a thing.

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