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Juvederm in Tear Troughs - I have bags under my eyes and a blue line due to over-correction - United Kingdom

I had it done once before and the effect was great...

I had it done once before and the effect was great and she took a lot of time. This time she was very quick and did not check to see whether too much product was being injected.

I have bags under my eyes and a blue line due to over-correction of Juvederm to my tear troughs. Is it better to wait it out and will the bags gradually dissolve? How long will it take?
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Thanks Megan.
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Hi Osprey

I had an eye surgeon who does fillers privately, dissolve mine and the blue line disappeared and the swelling went down immediately.

I used a consultant eye surgeon because I felt they are so experienced in regards to eyes and it is such a delicate area. I hope this makes you feel better because I was distraught.

I can't remember what the dissolving agent is but if you look on this site it will tell you about it.
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I believe gerry1 is referring to Hyaluronidase. :)

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Thanks Sharon. It hadn't gone away completely after 10 months. Just concerned because I have read it can last over a year in the tear troughs.
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I would like to know if you still have problems with juvederm under your eyes.

I did it 2 months ago and I'm a bit scared cause every morning I wake up with bags under my eyes. Thanks for your time!!
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Hi Luisa

I'm in the UK and I had it dissolved. I went privately to an eye surgeon who also does fillers. So glad I did, immediately the swelling and the blue line started to go down. The next day I looked absolutely fine. You have to be so careful who you go to because it is so delicate under the eye. The original person who injected the juvederm said that I had had an allergic reaction! I asked for my money back and went to a consultant eye surgeon and he was brilliant. I have had further fillers with him and touch wood to date have had no problems. I wish you all the best, cause I was so depressed with it. I looked awful.

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Hi Gerry, (or anyone that can help me)
After Juvéderm, i have swelling under left eye, and slight blue line under both eyes. First time i had it done it was wonderful, but the second time, he went nuts and put too much in.
Is there a name and number going for a good consultant in the U.K?
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Juvederm typically lasts 6-9 months, although saying that I have seen people on RealSelf who have only had it last for weeks.

The first time you had it done, did it go away entirely before you had the second set of injections? That could be a good indication of how your body will respond.

There is an enzyme called hyaluronidase that dissolves Juvederm. It's not without it's own risks, of course (read the reviews and Q&A here), but it's worth considering if you don't want to wait for the Juvederm to dissolve on its own.

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