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Juvederm for Rolling Acne Scars

I had juvederm injected below my bottom lip, on...

I had juvederm injected below my bottom lip, on each side, in order to fill out some rolling acne scars.

Last week I had one vial of juvederm injected into these areas by an RN, and I'm not very satisfied with the result. The product seemed to pool into areas I didn't need it, and didn't do a great job of filling out my scars.

I'm not sure if this result is due to the way it was injected, or the movement of the product itself.

I'm wondering if there is another filler that is more precise. Or maybe I should seek a more skillfull practitioner.


I think it may not be entirely the injector's fault. I consulted with several doctors and none of them felt Juve or another temporary filler could necessarily fill my acne scars. They said often the filler will create a donut affect around the scar and make it look worse. I did eventually have Resty done to an area and really liked it for the most part but it is a gamble. I haven't done it again because I think the results can be a little unpredictable. Good thing is it is temporary
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