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Juvederm Did Not Take Away Sagging Around Mouth.

Juvederm on outside of mouth and some around...

Juvederm on outside of mouth and some around corners of mouth.

I had juvederm applied to the corners of my lips and below lips on outside of chin...the lines outside of chin are still there as though the juvederm did not work to delete them and also at the corner of my right lip, it looks swollen, but it's knotted...

Received botox on forehead which seemed to work, but not between eyes. Botox around crow's feet and below eye area..it seemed to work okay..no pain.

I guess my question is, will the juvederm eventually work to delete the line from a little sagging? and will the knot around my lip stay knotted? My lip looks strange and it is also bruised.
Only since this past Friday..actually it is looking better bruise wise, but I can't tell that much difference in the way it looked before...even though it didn't look bad...just was looking to decrease line altogether...want to do nasolabial next, but kind of scared to now..
How long has it been since you got the injections?
Name not provided

She was informed and kind..just not sure about the amounts..she told me she used the minimal amount because everyone is different

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