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Juvaderm with Dental Block for Fuller Lips, Lip Lines and Nasolabial Folds

I had Juvaderm injected into my lips, above my...

I had Juvaderm injected into my lips, above my lip, and my nasiolabial folds in November 2008 ... it was totally worth it. Yes, it was incredibly painful, my doctor gave me a dental block to numb my lips and above my lip (which, by itself, hurt so bad), then injected 2 syringes of Juvaderm (which hurt, even with the dental block).

Yes, I bruised badly (I bruise easily anyway), but I blame a lot of that on myself because I only did an ice pack for 2 hours max (way less than I should have). So, the down side ... I looked like I had a mustache for about 1 week (which was a huge, dark bruise), but the up side ... I have fuller lips, no creases above my upper lip, and my nasiolabial folds are smooth now.

I fully intend to get it done again when it wears off, but so far so good ... it's been 7 months and the results are still there!

Yes, I have read some people's horror stories ... but I personally feel that some of those stories could be the result of a bad doctor ... as for me, I have no complaints.

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Donna Rich, in the Houston suburb of Webster, is amazing. I get my Botox and my Juvaderm done by her. She was voted as one of the best plastic surgeons in Houston by H Magazine ... and she is.

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This doctor and her staff are horrible. When things do not turn out the way you want them to be she and her staff treat you like a dog! They do nothing to help you, and it is impossible to even get anyone to return your phone calls. I have been treated so badly simply because my breast procedure did not come out well. When I wanted her to correct the problem, she has given me the run around and her staff totally ignores me, or if they talk to me, it is like I am dirt.
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This site is for people to post their experience and whether or not it's worth it. If you want to have a conversation, pick up a phone and call someone who cares.
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This site is for conversations...as in responses to posts.
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Most people I hear about experience pain ... That's great that you did not experience pain. I don't believe I said anything about "no pain, no gain" being for me ... what I did say is that the results were worth it ... which is what the point of my post was. So I would prefer you to keep your own experiences in your own post. Thank you.
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I have to agree with Dr. Aldea, there is NO excuse for severe pain for these procdecures in this day & age, a simple dental block which I find most tolerable should nuymb the area'a quite well and NO pain should be felt after that. I had Juvederm done to naselfolds, lips and lip line with NO pain whatsoever after the block was given....and my little bit of bruising I did get was from taking an advil 2 days before procedure so my own fault. No pain no gain was not meant for this kind of thing!
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These procedures SHOULD BE PAIN FREE. No excuses! The common barbaric,Paris Island attitude of "no pain - no gain", bite down and ice-it is needlessly common in many offices and I hear about it repeatedly from new Juvederm/Perlane/Restylane patients coming to my Plastic Surgery practice in Memphis. The cheeks can be EASILY numbed without ANY pain. The Lidocaine numbess lasts up to 4 hours. My patients do not wince, tear, hyperventilate etc. They watch and guide my treatment by watching their wrinkles gradually filled in. As regards bruising - in the process of numbing you a vessel in the cheek must have been hit. If you already are prone to bruising and you worsened it by taking Aspirin, Advil, Alleve, Motrin, Vit E or a long list of blood thinning agents - bruising becomes inevitable. But - it does not need to be so. Ask your Plastic surgeon which drugs or herbs thin our blood and do not take then for 3 weeks before the treatment. Your next treatment will be a pleasure. Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS
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Thanks Doc. I think you are right, one week off blood thinners is not enough, and I have the mustach to prove it! And what's this about cold sores with the dental block?
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