Juviderm and Botox

I had Juvederm and botox done for the first time...

I had Juvederm and botox done for the first time today. I had Juvederm put on each side of my mouth and chin. I do like it but am noticing that the filler feels like a little cable lump under my skin. It's been about 6 hours since the injections and I'm wondering if this is normal? I hope not.

Are these lumps normal or did my Doc forget to give me "to go" directions?

cross hatch technique is the best, most natural looking and feeling. sounds like they did one thick line on you. Juvederm will not really show u what it is until about 2 weeks after injection. at that point, it should be what it is gonna look like. Botox takes about 4-5 days to take effect. then lasts for about 5 months.
I just had juvederm done today. I was told to expect some lumps after the procedure. She said that if I feel them after 3 days then I should use my fingers to massage the upper part downward.
I also had this procedure done at the corners of my mouth and beside it like you did. I also had lumps. It is now been 4 weeks and you can still feel these lumps but they are not as hard as when I first had this done. You have to remember, this is a filler and it has to go somewhere. Remember it is under the wrinkles lifting them up....yes this is normal to feel some lumps, but it looks great. I will have this done again and again.
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I think the provider was good, I'm just not so sure I needed it as bad as I thought I did, since I really do not see such a huge difference in how I look. The Botox I can not judge yet as that take a few days to kick in.

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