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Juverderm Ultra 3 for Lip Enhancement

I've been having juverderm ultra 3 injected offen...

I've been having juverderm ultra 3 injected offen into my lips for enhancement..it only lasts a month max.

I've had restylane lipp before..it lasted about 2 months but was very lumpy so wouldn't have that done again.

I've been told maybe juverderm ultra 4 would last longer in my lips because its thicker..would you agree? Or even perlane?
I also have about 1cc injected a month... some times a little more.
I have been to three highly respected doctors..and even tho the restylane last a little longer than juvderm it went lumpy. I just wondered if a thicker product would last longer? Like perlane or juvderm ultra 4?
Juvederm Ultra Plus should last at least six months within the lips, usually even longer. Most of my patients report corrections up until one year. I would question you doctor about the product and how much of it he or she used if you are having results with such poor longevity.
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