Juverderm in Lips Dissolves in a Non Homogenously Way

I did juvederm 1 year ago to have fuller lips ,...

I did juvederm 1 year ago to have fuller lips , but the product doesn t dissolve homogenously . it didn t work for me . Was not worth it

Good Morning. I had huvederm done for the lips one year ago . Everything was right till juverdem started to dissolve 4 month ago in a non homogenously way . So it gives me bump and holes . What should i do ? i don t want to wait like that . Should i consider hyalurodinase ? Because i thought doing filler now to correct a part of the mouth and not the other will create a constant gap since some of the new product will last longer .
I would get the rest taken out. My lips are lumpy also. Until they come up with something better or more predictable I would not use fillers again. Seems they can get it out,but it takes a few times to get it all. Good luck!

Because the porduc didn t dissolve homogenously

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