Juverderm Nightmare - Upper Lip

I had about 1.5 cc of juvederm injected in my...

I had about 1.5 cc of juvederm injected in my upper lip two and a half years ago which made my upper lip appear larger than my bottom lip.

It did not dissolve overtime and now I have lumps which appear translucent. I had the nurse inject hyaluronidase twice this year and the juvederm is still present.

What are other options? Should I use a larger amount to dissolve the juvederm or is it possible to surgically remove it?
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Dear Trevor M Born, There seems to be some improvement with the Wydase, I would say about 10%. The Wydase was injected where the Juvederm is and there is slight bruising where the Wydase was injected. I have not seen another plastic surgeon for a second opinion. Best, Kimmy
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Dear Kimmy, has there been any improvement with the Wydase? Was the Wydase injected into the site where the Juvederm is? Have you had a second opinion with another Plastic Surgeon or Derm? With Warm Regards, Trevor M Born MD
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Dear Upper Lip, how much enzyme was injected- if it was a small number of units- a larger dose may be injected- this usually works very well. Are you sure it is Juvederm? Is it sore? Could it be inflammation from a product? With Warm Regards Trevor M Born MD
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Dear Trevor M Born, Thank you for your reply and advice. I'm positve the nurse injected Juvederm and the area where the Juverderm was injected is not sore and I'm sure its not an immflammation from a product.I had 75 units of Wydase injected each time. I went for the third time last week and the nurse injected 150 units of Wydase. The Juvederm is still visible and my upper lip still appears lumpy and full. Should I get a higher amount injected? And should Wydase be massaged into my lip where the juvederm is? Best, Kimmy
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It is important to examine it to determine whether more enzyme needed versus actual removal. best, hs
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