Juvaderm in Lips, Bad Experience

I was in NC. I got it just to have a little fuller...

I was in NC. I got it just to have a little fuller lips. It makes me look like Im puckering, like...( ) around my mouth. =[

I got juvaderm in my upper lip and lower, just a little. It made parethesis around the corners of my mouth, does anyone know if you can have it taken out? Im scared.
Some doctors really do think that hyaluronidase affects your natural tissue. Have a look at Happywithme's review called "Loose skin around mouth after juvederm in lips". She seems to have exactly the same problem as you and there is a lot of commentary about hyaluronidase under that review including about my bad experience with it. Cheers
I think hes lazy
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He had not much of an idea of what he was doing

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