Juvederm Injections in Tear Trough Area of Eyes

The experience was of course painful but tolerable...

The experience was of course painful but tolerable. I'm worried about the swelling & bruising & if it will be smooth when the swelling & bruising goes away.

I bought Arnica Montana Gel that was recommended for bruising & swelling.Just started using that today. I'm very scared that this will continue to look awful!

I have had great experience with Juvederm under eyes! just be patient. It will go away. Mine smoothed out wonderfully in 4 weeks.

mine was done over a week ago and I have gigantic pouches under my eyes they look horrible and I can't leave the house ,they are big puffy blue bags I can't live like this for a year until they go away ,can I have them dissolve and redone by a more seasoned Dr???? my gynecologist did it!!!!! I've had a lot drama and trauma in my life with my daughter and did this to feel better about myself and now I feel worse than I ever about my appearance ,


Has anyone had Juvederm injected in the tear...

Has anyone had Juvederm injected in the tear trough area and had great results? I had mine injected 2 days ago & have swelling and bruising; more than I expected & read about. I'm wondering how long this will last and if it will be smooth & even when the swelling goes down? -- Updated on Sep 25, 2009: It's been 3 weeks and still slight bruising under my eyes. Anyone else have bruising after 3 weeks? It has gotten lighter (since it was purple!)but still requires lots of cover-up under my foundation every day. It would look great if not for the bruising.

I also had fantastic results with Juvederm in the tear trough. I didnt have any bruising and very little swelling. But my skin may be a little thicker than yours so that may account for the lack of bruising. If they hit a blood vessel, it sometimes takes a while for all the bluish color to dissipate. Good luck.
You look great- not sure how old you are but you look under 35 in the this picture. The product looks good on you.
Wow. You look gorgeous! Looks like it worked and I don't see any swelling.
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He is very experienced w/injections. I have my botox treatments w/him & they are wonderful.Never any marks or swelling or bruising & my treatments last 6 months & show results by the next day.

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