Juvederm Injections in Tear Trough Area of Eyes

The experience was of course painful but tolerable...

The experience was of course painful but tolerable. I'm worried about the swelling & bruising & if it will be smooth when the swelling & bruising goes away.

I bought Arnica Montana Gel that was recommended for bruising & swelling.Just started using that today. I'm very scared that this will continue to look awful!

Has anyone had Juvederm injected in the tear...

Has anyone had Juvederm injected in the tear trough area and had great results? I had mine injected 2 days ago & have swelling and bruising; more than I expected & read about. I'm wondering how long this will last and if it will be smooth & even when the swelling goes down? -- Updated on Sep 25, 2009: It's been 3 weeks and still slight bruising under my eyes. Anyone else have bruising after 3 weeks? It has gotten lighter (since it was purple!)but still requires lots of cover-up under my foundation every day. It would look great if not for the bruising.

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He is very experienced w/injections. I have my botox treatments w/him & they are wonderful.Never any marks or swelling or bruising & my treatments last 6 months & show results by the next day.

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I also had fantastic results with Juvederm in the tear trough. I didnt have any bruising and very little swelling. But my skin may be a little thicker than yours so that may account for the lack of bruising. If they hit a blood vessel, it sometimes takes a while for all the bluish color to dissipate. Good luck.
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You look great- not sure how old you are but you look under 35 in the this picture. The product looks good on you.
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Wow. You look gorgeous! Looks like it worked and I don't see any swelling.
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I have had great experience with Juvederm under eyes! just be patient. It will go away. Mine smoothed out wonderfully in 4 weeks.
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mine was done over a week ago and I have gigantic pouches under my eyes they look horrible and I can't leave the house ,they are big puffy blue bags I can't live like this for a year until they go away ,can I have them dissolve and redone by a more seasoned Dr???? my gynecologist did it!!!!! I've had a lot drama and trauma in my life with my daughter and did this to feel better about myself and now I feel worse than I ever about my appearance ,

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It's been 5 days since my Juvederm injections in the tear trough area. The swelling has gone down significantly; however the brusing in my right eye (trough area only) is very "black & purple"! I have a wedding on Friday. help. I have been using the Arnica Gel and Arnica pills. Only a slight improvement over 2 days. Would I do this again? Absolutely. I can see the results in a positive way since the swelling is subsiding. Cold gel packs are still soothing even after 1st day & I think it helped to continue to apply them on & off throughout the day. My lips came out fabulous.No brusing or swelling; just a nice full look with no wrinkles!!
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