Botox, Radiesse, & Juvaderm to Soften Fine Lines

I have Botox, Radiesse, & Juvaderm injected in...

I have Botox, Radiesse, & Juvaderm injected in different areas of my face to soften lines and wrinkles.

My forehead and cheeks look good but my lips are huge where the Juvaderm was injected. Is there a reversal procedure?

I love the product but I think it is also having trust in the person that is doing the injections. I was referred by my doctors office to Richard Pavese in Tempe. I have not been disappointed and have referred a few of my friends also.
The doctor probably gave you too much. It will look good in a month or so, but they go overboard on the lips. In the future just get tiny amounts exactely where you want it, and if you can, more often. I have found that the result actually lasts for years. I had a little a few times and the results have lasted for about three years.
An enzyme called hyaluronidase (branded hydase or vitrase) will dissolve hyaluronic fillers (juvederm & restylane). However, lots of people have a hypersensitivity reaction to hyaluronidase so make sure you go to an experienced provider and ask for an allergy test in your arm before you let them put near your lips. Also, a large part of your natural tissue is made up of hyaluronic acid and some doctors think that hyaluronidase damages natural tissue as well as dissolving the filler. Ask your doctor about all the risks! Good luck.
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