Lip Injections - Dental Block Almost Made Me Faint

I did it because my lips were turning to prunes...

I did it because my lips were turning to prunes.

Pros: Great result. Loved the way my lips look

Cons: Very painful injections for dental block and I was not really numb. I felt every needle like a bee sting.

Do you really need a dental block to get lips injected? I had the dental block and it was so painful I nearly fainted.


Acutually the dental block I got did not even numb my lips at all. I was given several shots inside my upper and lower lip. After getting one of the shots I nearly passed out. When getting the procedure done It was very painful but not nearly as painful as the shots for the dental block
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Not all doctors use a dental block, so I would assume you can get it done without it. Here are some related threads that might shed some light on this:

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Check with others who have had this done to see how they liked the provider.

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