Amazing Lips. No Pain

I've had my lips injected twice now over the past...

I've had my lips injected twice now over the past 3 yrs. The 1st time my lips obsorbed the product, the dr. refilled me for free. That lasted over a yr and a half. This last time was great, my lips look awesome im hooked.


My husband's dermatologist, who also does fillers told him that if the application doesn't seem to take, it is either because the person put it in too deep, or he didn't use enough. Wonder which problem I had. Next time I will try the dermatologist. He charges the same as my plastic surgeon.
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thank you. knowledge is good. Finding a doctor in my area is a whole other thing. Anyway, I'm more concerned about the NLfolds area. Lips are a bonus is I got extra $$.
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well the silicon is permanent which is what i like. as long as u go to someone EXPERIENCED, u shd be fine. im going to a cosmetic surg clinic in chicago, the silicon is like %510/syringe. but it typically takes 3-5 txs b4 u get to the final product. But once u're done! You don't see the results of silicon right away, bc u get the volume from your body making it's own tissue to surround the silicon. My Dr. does the micro droplet technique. her asst suggested that I come in 3-4 wks aft the juve, that way I'll still have the volume from juve, while the silicon starts to buld up.
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