38 Had It Done for Deep Smile Lines Around Mouth

I made sure i went to the best dr i could find. i...

i made sure i went to the best dr i could find. i know he costed more than others but worth it. after 4 days still some slight sweliing and brusising . he really massaged the area which i think is important.

i am really happy. i feel like the area around my mouth looks like ! am 17 or 18 again. There are no deep crevices for make up to sit in. there is movement in my mouth. i only wish it will stay that way. i know my dr was very good.

I dont know if it will cost as much for re touch ups.

i was really scared but happy!!!!!!!!!!! and yes it was very uncomfortable but what can you do , being a woman really stinks.

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I would also like to know which doctor you had and if you are still happy with the results of your procedure. I am also 38 and am contemplating going to a doctor to get rid of my nasolabial folds. It would be so appreciated if you can let me know. I live in Illinois as well.
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Thank you! who is this dr and the location where you are? I would like to visit! :) Also, how many syringes total did he use for all the NL folds?
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