Searching for Long-term Hyperpigmentation Solution - Jessner's Isn't It

The Jessner's peel is one of many treatments I've...

The Jessner's peel is one of many treatments I've had for hyperpigmentation and Adult onset acne. It burned my skin around my nose and mouth and was NOT supposed to do that. I've also had glycolic peels and microdermabrasion.

I need/want a long term plan that I can use successfully. I'm grasping at different companies and procedures, spending 1000's of dollars for what seem to be short term fixes. I used Obagi successfully for a time, but then seemed to lose its potency. I've tried Caudalie. Not seen dramatic changes either. Used hydroquonine and Retin-A in conjunction; works for a time and then burns after a while.

I also use Dermalogica Sun Booster under my make up and with my foundation, plus my foundation has SPF30. Though, as everyone stated, the brown spots WILL return. I have been contemplating IPL for the melasma on my cheeks and the brown patches (recent) on my nose.

Any advice as to how to streamline my never ending search to the RIGHT procedures and products? Thanks so much.

Hey! Im sorry this happened to you n im sorry you paid 500$ for it! Where I do chemical peels, professionally, they are $40. I am an esthetician and I went to cameo college of essential beauty in Midvale Utah. The best way to get rid of your hyperpigmentation is to do a series of chemical peels, with microdermabrasion in the middle of the peels. Make sure you are done peeling completely before you do the next treatment or it could cause worse damage. And also I saw that you are wearing sunscreen, but make sure you are staying true to every minute. If you are standing by a window without sunscreen on, you are going to pigment yourself. Definitely not allowed in tanning beds or outside without sunscreen no higher than 50 at the most (30 recommended), after that its just chemicals and no property. Do not rub your sunscreen in all the way, you should have a film leftover. And also, find a sunscreen that is in a moisturizer, not makeup. Because makeup is so pressed and so refined to go on smoothly, SPF's compounds are broken down and the purposes of it are defeated. Make sure also it is a broad spectrum. Hope I helped!!!

So, I've had melasma for about 4years now... It started due to a BC prescription that caused a hormonal disarray in my body. I did all the serious blood tests with Life Extension and realised my estrogen was way high, progesterone way low (I've had severe menstrual cramps that debilitated me for 4 days a month due to this), a very mild hypothyroidism AND most importantly very high cortisol (pulling all nighters in architecture school/stress), very low magnesium and low omega-3's. I had to increase progesterone which caused my hormones to further fluctuate and caused the melasma to look worse... But my cramps were 100% gone. Also, the spots got really dark near my menstrual cycle or if I were out in the heat (not sun) or after a hot shower. I have a copper IUD implant... I tried the ViPeel but the first time I did it I wasn't too impressed. It broke down the "islands" on my face into several little pieces- making it look a lot worse/bigger. So I did a second ViPeel and now it's all over my cheek- multiple little ugly brown pieces. Regret. I added a magnesium supplementation (Liquimins) to my nutrition and the nights I took it, the spots were visibly lighter in the am. I started to sleep in set schedules and did what I could to follow a low inflammation protocol. If you have a chance, read "Lights Out". Anyway, the melasma seems to be improving- almost like it's getting brought to the surface and disappearing. I know there's not one solution to this hideous, aging looking problem but this is what worked for me. My dermatologist advised me against lasers years ago when the problem started, since I'm of Italian/Portuguese decent. Also, in order to decrease further inflammation response in my face (worsened by parabens and propylene glycols in face products-which causes high estrogen, lowers progesterone lowering thyroid function), I started to use simply divine botanicals (the black wash, sandalwood treatment, creme de rose and baby face). Seriously, the difference was amazing. Tomorrow am I am doing the Jessners Peel to remove this crusty, porous, corrugated skin from my cheeks which I believe was "brought up" to surface by doing all of the above. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck!!!
So, how did your peel go?
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