Jawline Remains Swollen Post Rhinoplasty?

I chose to have scarless rhinoplasty to reduce the...

I chose to have scarless rhinoplasty to reduce the width of my nostril flare, and to lengthen the tip of my nose while lowering the nostrils.

Almost one week ago I had scarless rhinoplasty performed by a doctor that has 20 years experience. I have a naturally pointed "V"-shaped facial structure, that is now bulging and almost square from swelling. My eyes have made large improvements in terms of swelling and bruising, but my jaw remains very swollen. Is this normal? Are there remedies I can try?
Has it resolved with time? Please respond bc I am experiencing the same thing..
This was not my patient. I was commenting in response to a question. Try to contact CherriA
This should resolve with time. I would recommend no particular treatment.
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20 years experience in addition to expertise in scarless rhinoplasty.

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