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Isolaz for Red Marks and Pores - Made my Skin Worse Than Ever!

My skin was really looking good because I had been...

My skin was really looking good because I had been using retin a micro. All I wanted to do was get rid of some red marks and make my pores look smaller. The lady that did the procedure assured me that Isolaz would treat the red marks and that my pores would get smaller because the isolaz machine does a "deep poor cleansing" as well.

After the first treatment that day i had no breakouts the rest of the following days i noticed i was breaking out in places i never had broken out before.

The Next week when I saw her she noticed and said "your skin was just really congested and it has to come out." But she assured me it would clear up from there, so i had a second isolaz treatment (stupid me.)

My skin continued to get worse from there and I called her about a day before going in to have my third treatment and told her that my face was totally broken out worse than ever before in my life! and that I wasnt sure about having another Isolaz treatment. She told me to go ahead and come in so she could have a look. So i did when I got there She removed all my makeup( which by the way i had caked on to try and cover up everything) as she was cleaning all the makeup off she said oh my I am so sorry this has happened to you!

Needless to say I wasted a whole bunch of money for nothing I feel like I gave it away to get awful skin why would anyone do that! Well sorry to say I did please dont make the same mistake by considering Isolaz.

By the way I have never written a review in my life but this made my face so awful looking from all the breakouts seriously I looked like I needed to go on accutane! So trust this is the real truth Do not do it!


This is almost the same story word for word that I had!!! I feel like I wrote it myself. I wish I read the reviews. Why do doctors so blatantly insist that their laser the miracle workers. Every case should be individual. I actually asked my doctor to stop, as I was breaking out easily, and she refused to budge, saying it's too early to tell after only 2 sessions.
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Is $500 the cost of one treatment? or for the package
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I am curious if you were using the Retin-A just prior to the laser treatments. Some of the literature that I have read has suggested being off Retin-A and other medications for days/weeks before laser procedures.
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