Uneven Results from Juvederm Lip Injections?

I did juvederm because I wanted bigger lips and...

I did juvederm because I wanted bigger lips and now I am regreting it. How do I get rid of it? Are the lumps normal?

I got Juvederm injections in my lips yesterday and one side looks smooth and the other side has a huge lump on it is that normal or will it stay like that? Is there a way to dissolve it faster?
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Two weeks ago I had 4 viles of Juvederm injected in the lines around my top lip and bottom lip and the corners of my mouth and supposedly some areas of my chin (cost $1800). My bruising was terrible. I didn't go out of the house for a week. I can feel a line across the entire bottom of my lip. My top lip lines are all still there, the sides of my mouth and my chin still show the same lines. I can feel a lump on the right side of my mouth. I would not recommend Juvederm to anyone. I went to a very reputable plastic surgeon for my procedure definately didn't get what I paid for.
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I personally would recommend it to everyone. Just get the right Dermatologist. Mine only cost 400.00 and worth every dollar!
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Had Juv Ultra yesterday. Dr. missed indicated mark. My trust is out the window. I have seen three docs in the past and should have stuck with the one I trust. Have to go to work looking uneven in my cheek area. Trying to take down swelling with cold ice pack (minutes at the time) and witch hazel from the drug store (over the counter, it is great for reducing bruising and swelling. However, in facial areas containing with less muscle it will take longer. Just keep on applying both when ever you can. Good luck.
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It's possible the lumpy result is swelling, since it's only been a few days.

If it turns out to be the "real" result, this related question might help: How to fix uneven lips after Juvederm?

Good luck!

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