Still Need Teeth Filed After 24 Invisalign Aligners

I was supposed to only have 15 aligners. After...

I was supposed to only have 15 aligners. After 24, my teeth are still not straight! Now, the dentist want to file my front teeth since they did not move correctly.

I am finishing my Invisiling treatment and my dentist wants to file the bottom of my front upper tooth so it is aligned with the rest. Is this OK to do? Would this affect the strength or the tooth in any way?


no dont ever file your teeth it will screw you up it will make your teeth unbalenced i guess you might say i had one filed to make the bottom meet witht the other what a mistake your better off getting brace then
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I assume that having them filed again it is safe. I have had a similar experience. I had my teeth filed in the middle of my 24 trays. Now that I'm done that and also had 8 refining trays, he will be filing yet again before I get even more refining trays. Just when I think it's over, they have more fixing to do. As much as I'd like it to be over with, I suppose this is what I paid for. It's now been 1 1/2 years.
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