Invisalign Made a Real Difference for my Teeth

I have been in Invisalign for almost 2 years. It...

I have been in Invisalign for almost 2 years. It was definately worth it and I am so happy at my age (50) that I FINALLY have the teeth I always wanted!


damn that's a dramatic difference!!
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Congrats on your great results! Please tell us who your Orhto is. Am looking for one. Thanks a bunch! =D
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My Dentist (not Ortho) is {edited}, Colorado Springs CO. Contrary to what others have said here, an Ortho is not necessarily required to have good Invisalign results. Dentists can go thru Invisalign training too. My dentist is "mature" and had done quite a few of these. And another selling point for me was seeing a lady who works in his office who had hers done by him a few years before me and she looked great and was happy. So my advice is, whether it is an Ortho or Dentist, look for experience and references.

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W. John Matthews, Distintive Dentistry

My Dentist made sure he spent alot of time explaining it all to me, and showed me the treatment plan on the computer so I could see what the end result would be.

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