Invisalign is Awesome (Overlapping Front Teeth & Overcrowding)! But Not for Everyone...

At 30, I had crooked, overlapping top front teeth...

At 30, I had crooked, overlapping top front teeth and some mild over crowding on 4 front bottom teeth. I was told I would have 17 trays and finished in 14. You wear your final tray for 2 months to help set your teeth, which are used to moving.

I had absolutely no pain, and there was only one tray that ever felt tight and weird in my mouth. I had no filling of teeth and I never had to file down my trays because of roughness. The only con is that they are Near Impossible to remove with attachments. To help with this get yourself an Aligner Remover Tool called an Outie. On Amazon for a set of 3 for $5. You need all 3 so that you can leave one in the car one in your pocket, etc. They are a lifesaver and well worth the cash.

Invisalign are not for everyone. Get 2 opinions, if you aren't sure then just get metal. They don't supply the same pressure as metal, so if you have to close up huge gaps, or pull teeth down out of your gums then just get metal.

I was told in the beginning that almost everyone has to stop 70% of the way through and get new molds taken and different trays made because teeth don't always move according to the molds already made. I did not have this problem and was told I am an exception to the rule.

I wore my aligners 21 hours a day and it will be about 9 months of time. I would absolutely have gone crazy for any more time than that. If your ortho says any longer than a year then go with metal.


i am 12 years old and dont know if invisalign is right for me because i have 1 bucked tooth and two other teeth that are up i dont know what its called i read about it before but cant remember it.its when you have a small space between two teeth and a tooth wants to grow in but doesnt have enough room so they grow up top between it.and i have a tooth that grew in front of another tooth dont know what its called either.and thats all thats bad about my teeth my bottom is perfect its all straight and my top isnt because of what i said up top of my you think invisalign is right for me?plz reply back fast.thank you! ☺
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I think you should get metal braces. They would work better for what you need. Plus, you wouldn't have to keep up with the retainers all of the time.
I am on trays 16 (of 35 for the upper teeth and 25 for the lower teeth). I can't get my doctor to take another mold and make new trays, even though I've repeatedly told him it feels like the tooth next to the protruding one is the one that is being pushed in. He said I have to finish the 35 trays before he can fix anything midstream. I THINK A NEW MOLD AND NEW SET OF INVISALIGN TRAYS MADE AFTER EVERY 6 TO 7 TRAYS and not have all of them done at the outset of the treatment. I'm posting this in the hopes that Invisalign and dentists will consider this. It's difficult to spend thousands of dollars (I paid upfront) and not have them listen.
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