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Alot Pain at Jaw and Some at Gum

Pro -cleancon -i cant close my jaw,, alot...

pro -clean

con -i cant close my jaw,, alot pain

-tray have to cut some part to avoid irritation and some time it's make alot pain too that mean it's not accuracy in process as you think

-expensive and you have to pay first

-no global support or email contract to support customer

Why you did it -it look hi tech ,clean and the ads say it comfort

i am on my third tray and my Facial and jaw have alot pain on the Right hand side. when i wear the tray more than 22hr at 3-4 day it pain alot like when i remove my Tooth Impaction . and i cant wear it any more (my doctor say he have no idea about this pain) i must do something about it. any doctor here can expain it to me. i want to stop this treament and get my money back please explain me this is normal or not?

i am not sure about it work ,or not.but they refund to me for 80% of all. and i already accept because customer protect in my country is not strong to get back 100%
I don’t think it’s completely abnormal to have some amount of pain and pressure on your teeth they are moving after all that’s the point. Every time a put a new tray in I feel pain and pressure for about 2or 3 days after and cant eat anything that’s hard. What you describing could be TMJ it’s not common but a possible side effect with Invisalign. If this treatment is not working I would see about getting any money back you may have spent.
Alot pain at jaw and some at gum
Dr. Narandr Chevangkul, Dentajoy, Thailand


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