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Alot Pain at Jaw and Some at Gum

Pro -cleancon -i cant close my jaw,, alot...

pro -clean

con -i cant close my jaw,, alot pain

-tray have to cut some part to avoid irritation and some time it's make alot pain too that mean it's not accuracy in process as you think

-expensive and you have to pay first

-no global support or email contract to support customer

Why you did it -it look hi tech ,clean and the ads say it comfort

i am on my third tray and my Facial and jaw have alot pain on the Right hand side. when i wear the tray more than 22hr at 3-4 day it pain alot like when i remove my Tooth Impaction . and i cant wear it any more (my doctor say he have no idea about this pain) i must do something about it. any doctor here can expain it to me. i want to stop this treament and get my money back please explain me this is normal or not?

Dr. Narandr Chevangkul, Dentajoy, Thailand


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i am not sure about it work ,or not.but they refund to me for 80% of all. and i already accept because customer protect in my country is not strong to get back 100%
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I don’t think it’s completely abnormal to have some amount of pain and pressure on your teeth they are moving after all that’s the point. Every time a put a new tray in I feel pain and pressure for about 2or 3 days after and cant eat anything that’s hard. What you describing could be TMJ it’s not common but a possible side effect with Invisalign. If this treatment is not working I would see about getting any money back you may have spent.
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Alot pain at jaw and some at gum
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my dentist warned me when i started (I am on my 3rd tray) that if I experienced pain, not sensitivity, when i put my trays in or took them out, to let him know immediately, because that could be an indication that your teeth are trying to reposition but do not have enough room to move. He told me to come in if i did experience that and he would have to file some teeth to make room. Also, I have been using Flouride toothpaste at least twice daily, it really helps with sensitive teeth. Good luck!!!
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irritation at gum is the first step of problem fix easily by tim your tray
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if you read some people here you will know some serious problem of this technic. -yes i think because my gum really sensitive (jaw too) -i think 70percent of people can easilt wear it without problem -my doctor..he only do what he know no one know everything-*- -*-elile plitimun-*- he maybe the best one as in the adsvertise -i dont have this pain before i begin to develop it at first tray -may be..you should abort -not gum it's jaw and tooth because i cant shut down mount power of my jaw do on the innertooth ..read more at other there are some -if u lucky invislign may be fix to your life OR may be HELL
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I noticed you are in Bangkok. Did you go see a dentist/ortho? What did they do exactly? If you have a doctor that says he doesn't know, I'd abort the treatment because it just doesn't sound right. Your doctor is the one who is suppose to answer your questions and is suppose to know what is going on. The 3rd set of trays is not suppose to hurt the way you're explaining (unless your gums are reallyyyyyyy sensitive I suppose) I don't think it's normal because your mouth is pretty adaptable. Did you have any jaw/facial pain before you started your treatment? If I were you, I'd go get the pain checked out. It can probably lead to some serious problems. Good luck and please update. I feel very bad for you :(
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