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Just finished 8 months of Invisalign. - Worth Every Penny - London, UK

Just finished 8 months of Invisalign, now with...

Just finished 8 months of Invisalign, now with retainers. Went to superb Harley Street clinic in London, only had pain once, they fitted superbly, only needed one button, and now have straight non crowded teeth.

Originally went to another London dentist who told me I was borderline and tried to get me to buy rail tracks .... always see a couple of dentists, they obviously vary greatly.

Q Clinic, Harley Street

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If you are having only the front teeth moved then the dentist will have to file between the teeth to create space.
This can be damaging in crowded cases. It is called Invisalign Anterior which is being stopped by Invisalign as it does not produce great results.
I prefer creating space between the side and back teeth before correcting the front teeth.
I carry out longer treatments which treat the whole arch.
As they say, "you get what you pay for"
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Hi there, also wondering about the price of your treatment? I'm in London and went to an orthodontist in Fulham a few days ago who quoted me 4500 pounds for 1-year of Invisalign upper and lower trays. Is this normal London pricing? Thanks for any tips!
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Hi, I am looking to do the Invisalign as well. Just wondering if you paid 3000 dollars or sterling? A name of your provider would be truly appreciated :) Word of mouth is the way! Cheers, Nathalie
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Hi Diane. Are you able to say which Harley Street provider it was? I am looking in the exact same area and have had a few appointmetns with both dentists and orthodontists. I am confused to say the least about which treatment i should go for, and they seem to contradict eachother, but it would help to know which dentists/orthos have a good reputation. Any info would be welcome. Thanks.
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I paid a deposit for invisalign 6 weeks ago. I'm going to get my impressions taken this week, and I'll have my trays by September. I visited three practices, and this seemed to be the best one.
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