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I originally chose invisilign because it was...

I originally chose invisilign because it was invisible & think its been great. started it when I was 20 ( now 22). Its took abit longer than planned but thats because of a tooth on the bottom that needs to be twisted round.

I have now started my refinement process. Originally I had 8 upper and 37 lower trays! so took a while, also had 5 attachments in total. Now with my refinement, its a further 4 trays on top, and 19 on bottom (that one tooth on bottom is takin its time!!) and had one extra attachment. My dentist is brilliant. He knows how annoyed I am about the bottom one turning so said once the top have finished after tray 4, i can swap the bottoms trays every week (instead of every 2 weeks) and just have more regular check ups.

Of course there have been times, like most of you, where its been sore with new trays or where ive had filing between my teeth. But with something that costs so much, if you have done your research properly, you should know fully about all the pro's and con's so I think its unfair to blame the dentist always (like a lot of the bad reviews have). Attachments are part of it which you should know if you research it!

Can't wait for my teeth to be straight. I'd recommend it to anyone without hesitation. I had crowded teeth top and bottom. and think it was worth every penny.

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I'm thinking of having this done as I have a gap between my two front teeth and am thinking of having this work done. Would people advise this? Helen
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Invisalign has a 78% Worth it Rating based off the votes from community members who have reviewed it. Of course, it is an individual thing, so you will want to consider things like if you can commit to wearing the trays as your dentist tells you (usually 22 hours), if brushing after each meal is something you could do during the daytime, etc.

Hopefully as you read more reviews you will get a better sense for if Invisalign is right for you or not. :)

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very useful review. I'm trying to decide between invisalign, lingual and labial braces. i've spoken to about 6 different orthos/dentists and there are a few contradictions out there so good to hear from the real people going through treatment. Has anyone got any photos...the dentists who i've spoken to say invisalign will work on me. the orthos that i speak to say they wouldn't recommend it (i also have a very rotated tooth on the lower). yours ever confused....!
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That's brilliant to hear that you have had a successful treatment! I have just started, literally day 2! :D i have a page on her for myself which i will update with my pictures. do you have any before and after photos?
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