Invisalign for Crowded Teeth - A Great Blessing (Age 60)

At age 60 I noticed my teeth becoming more and...

At age 60 I noticed my teeth becoming more and more crowded. I was fortunate enough to be approved for Invisalign (by the second orthodontist I saw) and have recently finished one year with the process, the expected full treatment. Even though I was completely diligent about keeping the trays in for the recommended 22 hours each day, I now find myself in the refinement stage which will last another three months. I am told more people than not must have the refinement trays, but it's still disappointing to have to extend the treatment.

I might recommend to others to watch that the trays are fitting properly on the buttons. Perhaps I could have been able to prevent some of the refinement if I had caught the problem earlier.

That said, I am more than satisfied with the results thus far. As a teenage, my teeth were not bad enough to justify braces, but I always knew they weren't perfect. I am blessed to finally be able to correct the situation and to prevent further crowding.

Invisalign is a committment and often a real inconvenience especially when eating out, but I would do it again. I've even acquired better eating habits by eliminating snacking and as an extra bonus, I've lost a little weight--always a good thing!

If you're ready to commit to some short-term inconvenience to achieve a lasting beautiful smile, I would recommend the process.

Dr. John Firth

Experienced provider.

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