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Invisalign is Working Well So Far - Ridgewood, NJ

I just started treatment with my first tray and...

I just started treatment with my first tray and have had it in for two weeks now. The first few days there was pressure, no pain. It felt foreign and felt like my teeth couldn't breathe. I have gotten used to the feeling with the aligners in and sometimes i forget i have anything on my teeth now.

When i remove the aligners to eat, i can definately tell my teeth are a little sore when eating tougher foods so i'm assuming that means they are starting to move.I don't have any of those "buttons" and my aligners have stayed put so far.

My Orthodontist said with my next set of aligners they'll be doing some of the interproximal reduction (aka filing). I'm a bit nervous as i usually have sensative teeth and i'm afraid this will make them worse. I have to say that i've been fairly happy with them and have smiled much more knowing that my co-workers can't see them, and that i don't have a mouth full of metal cutting up my cheeks.

I see some people haven't had good experiences here which completely sucks. I felt that going to an Orthodontist would be better as they specialize in alignment corrections rather than dentists who may not be as qualified and may recommend patients that otherwise wouldn't be good candidates for invisalign.


hi, i'm also about the same age. i live close to ridgewood, may i know where your ortho is located? i suffer from underbite and am considering to have invisalign, but i am hearing a lot of bad reviews.
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I am also at the same stage as you. Finishing my second week with my tray 1 of aligners. But I have 4 buttons and already had my teeth filed. The teeth filing made me nervous too because I also have sensitive teeth - but I must say with me there was no negative effects on my teeth after the procedure. I only needed some minor filing done but will be going back for more as the treatment progresses (my dentist said every 3-4 months). But overall my filing was not a bad experience at all - so fear not! It will be great if you upload some before photos and then will be fun to see the after photos once you are done. How long should the treatment last for you?
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I had the filing done and was soo nervous. The Orthodontist did hit my gum and i jumped so i was a bit stunned-but otherwise i was ok. I tried to take pics with my camera but they kept coming out blurry. I head back on Sept 2 for my next sets of aligners and i'll see if they can email me the original photo they took at the start of my treatment. I have to say, in the few short weeks since i've started treatment-i've already seen a great improvement. I have major crowding on the lower jaw and both incisors were sideways. The bottom right one is facing front and my top teeth are turning also. I'm so happy i don't have those "buttons" attached. My Ortho said they are using them less b/c they're finding the aligners stay in better without them.

Just returned from my Ortho appointment- on my 8th...

Just returned from my Ortho appointment- on my 8th tray. Doing good so far. My two bottom teeth have almost completely rotated. Trying to take progress pictures, but unfortunately my camera doesn't seem to want to take them in focus.

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12/12/09-update: The monday before thanksgiving i...

12/12/09-update: The monday before thanksgiving i noticed i had a lump in my gum and i went to the dentist. He told me it was an abscess from a tooth that was going to require a root canal. The lump is painless but the left side of my face from my eyes to my neck swelled up. I immediately had the root canal done and i've been on antibiotics since. i haven't been wearing my liners for fear of it interfearing with my root canal and face swelling. I followed up with my dentist this past week- i still have the lump and he's not sure what it is. Has anyone experienced this?

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Clemente Orthodontics

Family Orthodontic practice-Father & Two daughters own it. The staff is always professional and courteous. The day i got my first set they were more excited that i was. They have flexible office hours including evenings and weekends if needed. Very happy with everything to date with this office.

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