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So Far So Good. Some Minor Problems with Aligners.

So far so good. Hopefully the next couple months...

So far so good. Hopefully the next couple months will fly by and the end result will be nice and straight teeth. Attachments make the aligners very difficult to remove.

Is it ok to continue wearing aligners after a small crack/tear has occurred?


No, it is not OK to wear them after a "crack". They will no longer fit tight and therefore will not be moving your teeth. So, then the next set of aligners will not fit, and will not move the teeth, and so on. Call your provider immediately. They will order you a replacement of the aligner (takes a few weeks sometimes to get it and may be free if it is a manufacturer defect). Provider will tell you to go BACK to your last set of aligners while you wait for the replacement. You will lose time in your process but it has to be done this way. I personally had this happen to me once in my 2 years in Invisalign and this is exactly what I did.
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NO! Visit ur dentist if it's torn, then it won't correct ur teeth proplerly!
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consult your ortho as he/she is the best person to answer that. I wouldn't think it's ok. And I guess it depends where the tear is.
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