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I had a bad cross bite with 1 tooth completely...

I had a bad cross bite with 1 tooth completely behind my front teeth (so I looked toothless in photos).

I was given 19 trays (top and bottom). I'm on my second to last tray now and no one can believe how fast the time has gone (9 months) and how fast my teeth have become near perfect.

In the beginning the fact you have a foreign object in your mouth causes you to talk a little funny and even look a little funny... but by the second tray you are a pro. Pain wise- it's sore for the first 1-2 days of a new tray, but its really nothing a few advil cant take care of (Im sure reg. braces are the same pain).

It's really worth every penny, best investment Ive made!

Dr. Charnas & DR. Greer on 35th st and madison ave. 212-683-2530

convenient to my job (ok, thats a personal thing), but very professional, quick, clean, nice building, everything turned out great!

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did you have to pay all right away? or is there an installment plan? i dont have insurance.. i plan to go there since it's just close to me and we have the same problem, crossbite. i never smile with my teeth which sucks.. please let me know. thanks
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{edited} I found them on the web- the $1000 off got me ; ) try to find that link yourself... if you use them, can you mention my name? you get discounts if you recommend people. Im Kelley Herron. good luck!

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Hi, Which orthodontist did you use in nyc? I think his price is good and I would like to try him. Thx
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