350cc Under the Muscle Breast Implants (From Barely A to C Cup)

Mostly pros, I'm pleased with the results so far....

Mostly pros, I'm pleased with the results so far. Only cons that come to mind are that it was so stressful to get through the first 2 weeks when I really felt worried about the appearance (it looked like I had Klondike bars up to my collar bones... so high and square). I had been warned that I would feel they were too high and too hard, but it is one thing to know it, another to live it. Choosing outfits was difficult as well and I felt like I should probably do the public a favor and just stay hidden... not a good feeling. I always wished for larger breasts though, and after breastfeeding two children it felt like the time was right. Was barely an A, now am a C.

I am 3 weeks post-op with 350cc smooth round mentor silicone implants placed under the muscle. I was fit going in to this and am starting to get back into my workouts now. Though I'm taking it extremely easy with the upper body exercises (no weights, etc.) I am noticing that I can actually move my breasts by flexing my pec muscles...

I'd like to know "what I need to know" about internal muscle flexing as it relates to the care and maintenance of my new implants. I'd especially like to know how I can encourage the implants to settle further into their pockets and hold a beautiful slope-ing shape.


what size C are you now :)
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Is it possible you have experience with this?! No, I'm not a C as it turns out... a D or DD cup fits best. BUT apparently I measure as a C. I think it's the artificially pronounced upper aspects that make the larger cup a better fit, not the outward projection. It's actually the fullness up high that is still a disappointment to me. I was hoping for heavy breasts with augmented fullness in the tissue at and below the nipple rather than high on my chest... there's just nothing like the real thing... whatcha gonna do??
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