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Unhappy - Juvederm Didn't Get Rid of my Smile Lines

On 6/3/09 I had smile lines and line areas around...

on 6/3/09 I had smile lines and line areas around my chin & lip area injected with Juvaderm. I chose to do this to improve my appearance and had hopes of the lines deminishining. I also had Botox injections in my forehead area and frown lines. These lines were faint. The smile lines were moderate to deep.

I am not happy with the results of my Juvaderm injections. The facial lines are still apparent. What should I discuss with my doctor about the unfavorable results? I will be seeing him 6/22/09. Why did this treatment seem not to work? Are more injections the answer?


Many thanks for tnaikg the time to write this write-up. It's been incredibly valuable. It couldn't have come at a far better time for me!

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I am assuming you had one vial of Juverderm?? If the lines are to deep or if doctor injected to deeply you won't see great results, I was kinda disapointed after the swelling went down although I did see results I would have liked more noticable ones for $750.00 plus tax here in NJ, so go back and ask your doctor if he should add more or if you had any leftover to reinject in those area's??
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I had Juvaderm placed in my naso-labial folds and in the deep creases between my eyes. Three days after the injection I had weeping clear fluid from the injection site on the left nasolabial area and a large boil like area appear on my temporal area which I had to go on antibiotics to heal. Approximately 2 weeks later I had swollen glands just below my jaw line which within 2 month presented another boil on my neck which was the size of an egg and the redness extended from my jaw to my clavicle bone. I have been on 2 antibiotics for 3 weeks and still have a quarter size but closed area on my neck and now my parotid glands are swollen. My primary Md is now following me and believes it looks like Methicillin resistant staff. I still believe it is the juvaderm. I also have swollen glands in the upper orbit of my eyes close to the juvaderm injections there. I would not recommend Juvaderm to anyone with at least testing a small amount. I realize many people try Juvaderm with no side effects, but for the few who do, It is worth testing first and carefully do a self study on how these fillers are made and side effects now being reported to the FDA.
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The Doctor is very nice. I will go back to see if he will correct the problem and give you a better informed decision.

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