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Important to Research Your IPL Provider

I was paranoid to get IPL done. But I did a lot...

I was paranoid to get IPL done. But I did a lot of research online and found a top-notch dermatologist who is board certified AND is a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine. And she did a great job.

This is only the first of 5 treatments. However, I feel much better now that I've had my first treatment. My best advise to anyone considering IPL treatment is to NOT cut corners on finding the best-qualified person to do the job... one with a lot of experience working with lasers. This is your face and body we're talking about. Don't cut corners.

Also, generally speaking, if the person doing your laser treatment is board-certified, it won't be cheap- prepare to pay at least $500 per session (for face) at dermatologist's office. You're paying for their training and experience. And I recommend going to a dermatologist's office (not a day spa that uses estheticians).

Final tip: be sure to have them rub a numbing cream on your face 30 minutes before you go in for the IPL treatment. It will really lessen the intense pain of the laser.


I've had my 2nd IPL treatment on my face and shoulders. Very happy with the results thus far. The place where I go have PAs (Physicians Assistants) doing the proceedures. That means they are one step below being a full MD which is important (you want well trained people doing the job). Also, they are extremely experienced because they do these treatments probably a hundred times a week.
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What is the doctor's name? I really want to go to a good doctor but don't really know where to look? I also am paranoid getting it ....but I need a little help because I've heard of negative side effects.
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Advanced Dermatology in the NW suburbs of Chicago

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