Immediate Results After Fraxel Laser?

I am questioning if the results will be the same...

I am questioning if the results will be the same with less severe post procedure effects. I was happy with the first session of the faxel laser but my swellen/reddness and bronzing was at a high level. This time is was not. I'm wondering if after the first procedure the effects are different?

Are the results of the fraxel laser less severe after the first session of the procedure. Is this the usual result. Less swelling, less reddness and no bronzing?
Its the long term effects you have to worry about. Imagine what these procedures do beneath your skin. It damages and compromises your skin and eventually the damage will come to the surface. There are no long term studies for this. Doctors praise these treatments because all they want is your $$$$. They don't care about your well being just their bottom line.
I just had my second treatment only one month apart from the first one. The technician kept the setting at the same level than the first one. This time the redness was not as bad and I only swelled up under my eyes. I look forward to seeing good results. With the first treatment I saw a reduction in the pore sizes and the wrinkles around my eyes got lighter.
Olga, after the full 5 treatments, I'm really happy with the results. My age spots have lightened quite a bit, and I've had some tightening of my upper eyelids. It didn't start to become apparent until after my third treatment, so you might have to be patient.
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