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Full Face IPL - Too Much Risk and Uncertainty

Pros: n/aCons: possible side effects, long term...

Pros: n/a

Cons: possible side effects, long term risk?

I had a full face IPL treatment 5 days ago. I am 36, and I hoped it will improve my skine texture, I have oily skin, some enlarged pores and a few fine superficial lines.

Unfortunatelly I didn't do a good research before I went for this procedure because if I read all this posts before I would never do that. I originaly believed it is a safe procedure with no serious side effects.. The nurse only told me that I will have a little bit swollen and flushed face which will go away overnight. It really went away over night but I still have a burning sensation which I feel especially at night. Also my skin feels somewhat tight when I smile.

After I read about all those negative experience I worry that it could still have some negative effects in the future. I would be the happiest person if my face would look like now - oily, with some enlarged pores and a few fine lines. Just what I started with. I so much hope nothing bad will happen in the future. I did it and it can't be undone and now I live with the fear.

TikiTiki, what is evident at the Carruthers' office is that they don't get that times have changed from when "doctor was god." We live in an age where someone can tweet "Carruthers #Fail appalling service. Beware!" to hundreds of followers, or update their status on Facebook to tell all of their friends about their negative experience. To anyone with a business brain, this means ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability is something sadly lacking in this industry, where, in order to receive a service perhaps costing $2500 or more, you are required to sign a document saying you acknowledge it might not work!
I have "Carruthers scars" on my face and Jean never bothered to return my call. This is disgraceful. I hope you are able to achieve something legally and again wish you the very best.
Thank you Rosina. I have heard so many stories about JC. It's unfortunate and I hope that we can stop others from becoming victims of a very greedy industry that isn't interested in honesty and people's well being.
I have always liked and respected Dr. Carruthers but he has changed so much. His wife, Jean Carruthers, has never returned calls and, recently, he started taking this approach as well. The women in his office are plain RUDE IMO and full of self-importance. One had the nerve to try to charge me $150 or therabouts when I called in the day before to try to change my appointment time then, when I turned up on time, he was running over an hour late. I should have presented them with a bill for my time. I wish you all the best. I have never thought Thermage, Fraxel, or similar treatments are worth the risk. I have read too much about Thermage lawsuits and now Angela's horrendous experience and yours.
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