Loved the Results - Totally Worth It - Absolutely Will Do It Again Too! - Camarillo, CA

I was 39 years old with really fair, freckly skin....

I was 39 years old with really fair, freckly skin. I was bad about wearing sunscreen in the past and had some really bad sunburns/tanning attempts when I was younger. Add some hyperpigmentation from a pregnancy in there and I was really unhappy with the irregular spots and uneven tone and texture of my skin. I felt like my freckles weren't cute anymore, they were just big age spot blobs! I had IPL done to my face, neck, chest and hands and one session really made a huge difference - I also chose to use the numbing cream on my skin beforehand so I only experienced a mild stinging.

The dark patches were immediately visible and it was really noticable for about a week on my face and up to two weeks everywhere else. It was easily covered with make-up for those times I cared about people seeing me with such dark freckles and spots. Afterwards my skin tone was more even, less blotchy and my skin looks younger and fresher - fine lines faded as well. I've had many people comment on how good I look (and they don't know I had IPL!) and the usually ask if I've changed my hair or make-up because they can't quite put their finger on the change. I'm very happy with the results! Will totally do it again as needed!

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