Go for It - Face is Smooth, Brown/age Spots Are Gone

I had an IPL a week ago.The dr said a little...

I had an IPL a week ago.The dr said a little redness a little peeling.that wasn't true, It was major bruising swelling and peeling, My face looked like I had been dragged down a gravel road on my face.It was nothing like I expected.

The good news, it has been a week and it has all peeled and my face looks awesome.If they would tell you what to expect it wouldn't be so frightening. I was going to cancel my other 2 appointments but I am going to have them, now that I know what to expect.I used vaseline everyday, and it peeled very nicely,my face is smooth and brown spots, aging spots gone. I love it.

So for the first 4 days just know it looks very bad,makeup will not cover it, but then starts to peel, and shed old skin. its worth it to look like a star in frankienstien movie, since it only took a week, I still have a little more peeling to come off close to my ears but makeup covers it.and i know it will be gone in another day or 2.

The cost is approx 350 per treatment, I am having 3 treatments.

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she did a good job just didn't explain what to expect thourghly.

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Hi can you tell me which Doc you went to? I'm also in Renton, but I can't find any that offer this service under $500 each.

Thanks in advance!
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I have only had one treatment, but have 2 more scheduled for a month apart ea.
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Thank you. How many treatments have you had?
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I tan very very quickly, your brown spots will all be gone soon. they are supposed to turn dark first, my skin got really really dry and hard, but I am soo happy now. I am norweigon but must have some indian in me or something LOL because I tan really really fast.and get really dark fast.
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Hello, I had my first treatment done on Friday. I too was not given a very detailed instructions. The redness is gone, but i still have dark spots where the laser was almost (patchy). I'm anxious to see my results. Can I ask what skin type you are? I tan very easily and am olive colored.
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