IPL Complications?

Pros: None that I can see as of yet.Cons:...

Pros: None that I can see as of yet.

Cons: Swelling, blistering, marks that look like cuts and scrapes.

When it was done: Thursday, June 11, 2009.

I had IPL done four days ago and I had three days of severe swelling and now marks on my face that look like wide cuts. they have not "hardened" or scabbed. My concern is that I am suffering complications from the proceedure. After doing research, I was under the impression that this was a very safe proceedure to have done with little to no risk of a disaster happening. Should I be concerned or give my face the full week of healing time to worry and call my doctor's office?


In my case it was a P.A. who did the proceedure and it happened to be the day that she was leaving on "medical leave." The Dermatologist had no idea what happened to me until I made another appointment and he saw it. He really is doing his best to repair the damage that his P.A. put there. I am undergoing CO2 laser next week and I hope to god that it works. I have seen pictures on this site of IPL burns and I am definitly becoming an advocate to have anyone but a PHYSICIAN stop doing this proceedure. People are suffering and it is for no other reason than economics.
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Sorry to get back to you so late metoo. It took a few months to fade, but mine weren't capillaries, she just had the settings to high. I am glad to hear you are going to another doc, the capillaries I had under my nose are just pink from all the ipls/bbls (A happy side effect, I go for melasma). Hang in there!
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A Cincinnati doctor burned my chin with red marks and they did fade after a few months. I put nothing but Aquaphor on them, and didn't wash my chin very much, not at all the first 48 hours. I also used skinceuticals spf 30. I waited 6 months to have another bbl done, this time by the place I always have gone to in Kentucky (why did I stray!) with no problems and great results. I think time really does help, along with good sunblock and gentle care. I hope this helps.
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It wasn't the doctor who performed the IPL on my face. She was an RN.

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