IPL Burned my Face

This is the second time for went for laser hair...

This is the second time for went for laser hair removal. The first time i went for traditional laser (ND-YAG). It worked fine. I could not continue because of relocation.

Second time I went for IPL - It burt my sking horribly. I ahve five burnt spots on my face. My dermatologist said IPL is riskier for atleast my skin type - wheatish/Asian with dark hair. dark skin/hair absorns more heat and so get burnt easily. He also said IPL has very narrow safety range.

Advanced Laser Center

They should have known what IPL range to be used on my skin. I even mentioned that my skin gets tan easily.

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I went in Flawless MedSpa to get rid of a sun spot which seems to get bigger as years went by and it started to bother me. I was recommended IPL treatment for 5 sessions for full face. I was told it will even out my skin tone and rid of sunspots. I am 54 year old Asian with fair skin and dark hair. With full faith, I went in for the first and it wasn't bad; tolerable pain,my face looked like there are black peppers but came all off after 3-4 days. I noticed a black strip(2 in) on one side of my face and was told it will fade given time. The next one I waited for 3 weeks. I felt more intense pain during the treatment and when I got home even after placing a bag of frozen peas on swollen areas and applying Hydrocotisone cream,it was still very painful for a little over 1week. But then I noticed my face looks brighter specially the right side. I was very happy for I can't remember when I saw my face like that in a long time. Except the 2in strip seem to have faded a bit to brown. So then my hopes were positive to go in for the 3rd time. She did my forehead that time and when she was doing my rt cheek, I was wondering where the smell of burnt hair coming from. When all the scabs came off after 1 week, I noticed my rt eyebrow was singed right in the middle arch. It now looks like I have 1 broken eye brow. Then the side cheek I was so happy about the result last time had a diagonal black strip about 4 inches long. "THat's it!" I told the technician I don't want to go on anymore unless she guarantee it won't happen again. She did'nt but she written down a prescription for hydroquinone 4 percent and retinol 0.5. This is where I am now, praying and hoping these black strips go away soon. I'm scheduled to come in 4 weeks. I'm thinking maybe I should'nt spent $960 for high tech stuff when I'll just end up doing tca, the old fashion way of getting rid of spots..wait, will that work for strips too?
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Did your eyebrow grow back? If so, how long did it take?
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