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Preferred IPL to TCA Peel

I really liked the IPL with Luvulan better than...

I really liked the IPL with Luvulan better than the TCA Peel. The TCA peel produced positive results at first, however, with continued peels made my face more red. There is also no downtime involved with the IPL.

Do you recommend an IPL with Levulan to treat red skin and mild cases of rosacea? I have very sensitive skin and after a couple of peels, my face got more and more red.
Anita Wolfe

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I had great results and highly recommend IPL with Levulan to treat red skin and mild cases of rosacea. I am a 49yr. old male. I have very dark brown/black hair and brown eyes. I have the type of skin that tans very easily when in the sun. For the last 8 - 9 years I was experiencing terrible flushing (red face) and mild rosacea. My Dermatologist (Dr. Marlene Mash, Plymouth Meeting, PA) suggested I do IPL with Levulan. I had this done Tuesday morning, May 5th 2009. I am very pleased with the results. My skin looks great and no more embarrassing redness/flushing. I can't say enough great things about this procedure and the technology behind it. I was extremely skeptical beforehand. It works . . . Plan and simple! The best part is it only cost $165 for the (ALA - Levulan). My health insurance picked up the rest of the cost. I had the ALA- Levulan rubbed all over my face for 1 hour and then the Orion Laser was used which is stronger than other lasers that are typically used for this procedure. I was told that this laser was chosen due to my skin type. Two complete passes with the Laser over my entire face were done and it took less than a half hour for the laser part (It was closer to about 20 minutes). It took a minute or two to get used to the quick sharp sting from the Laser (It felt like I was getting struck at close range by a taught rubber band). I did suffer an allergic reaction from the procedure a few days afterwards but that was quickly remedied with a injection of Kenalog-40 in my ass which quieted everything down and did the trick! NOTE: You CANNOT be exposed to light especially sunlight or artificial light immediately after the procedure. I went back to my office and didn't realize that the overhead fluorescent lights were burning my freshly lasered skin . . . Hence, I suffered a reaction. Ever since the procedure I have used a very high SPF (Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 100) every morning. My skin looks glows and looks great. Four months later and I am extremely happy with the results. My skin looks great and my face no longer turns bright-red/flushed like it used to. Some of my triggers were going into a hot room and drinking red wine/alcohol. I love the results and highly recommend the procedure and my doctor! I hope you find this information and my experience helpful.
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Has anybody use the DPL System - Photo Facials At Home from makeup artist? do you like it, does it work?
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