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IPL Treatment for Brown Spots and Deep Pores, Fair Complexion

Had my first ipl treatment yesterday person that...

had my first ipl treatment yesterday person that applied was not a physician but trained to use the machine. I did not feel pain nor was there any redness after the full face treatment. is this normal did they have the machine set to the correct intesensity? he said it was at a 5, when physician saw me after treatment he said he would have set higher next treatment.

I don't know if it's worth it yet I'm waiting to hear back if the procedure was performed properly... the IPL treatment was probably less than a half hour, pain free, no redness, did apply a topical gel to numb my face. objective was to get rid of brown spots and deep pores. fair complexion.

Is this procedure supposed to be pain free and no redness? How many treatments should I expect..the spots are not real dark..light. 55 years old. Can anyone apply this treatment or should it be the physician only?

I had it done (I'm a male) to get rid of sun damage on my face. I week prior to the first treatment they did a couple of "test-spots" to see what intensity suits best for my type of skin,the following week they checked the spots and desided which way to go. It is not suppose to be 100% pain free, they say it feels like being hit by a small rubber band but I'll say every pulse felt like twice the strenght of a rubber band hitting your face. Not something you cannot handle though. In guys it hurts even more when applied over beard area (even though recently shaved). The whole face took 20 minutes. It was applied by the stethician, not the physician.
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I had to respond to this question although I am not sure if what I am experiencing is normal or not until I hear back from you. If everything with the procedure is what I could expect then I guess I would recommend...it's hard to tell it was just done yesterday.

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