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IPL Didn't Remove Red Spot (Broken Capillary) on Nose

I have a red spot in the middle of my nose that...

I have a red spot in the middle of my nose that would not go away. Went to a dermatologist and was told it was a broken capilliary close to the surface of the skin. He suggested the IPL treatment.

The treatment was not painful. It was very quick. I was only in the office for about 20 minutes.

I thought it was kind of expensive $300 especially since it didn't change the spot in any way. I still have the spot and its been over a month. Very disappointed in the results!


I had the same issue. I had had 4 IPL treatments and it seemed that some of my broken capillaries were just not going to respond to it. So, I opted for another kind of treatment. Find a doctor or nurse practitioner (NP) that can spot treat your specific broken capillaries with a "pulse dye laser". My NP wore magnifying goggles when she used it and zeroed in on the broken capillaries around my nose and on my chin and under my left eye. From a lay-person's perspective, it seems that this laser is much stronger than IPL -- but the "spot" is much tinier and exact. It hurt (like a sting or snap of a rubber band) at the moment of zapping, and I was red for a few minutes, but almost all the broken capillaries were gone within 10 days. It took all of about 15 minutes to have done. I went back 4 weeks later and she zapped the most stubborn ones -- and they are now all gone. She also changed some settings and then zapped a few of my more stubborn age spots, too, which are now almost all gone and definitely lighter than they were! I look 6-10 years younger than I am!!!! There was no "down time" and the 2 treatments cost a total of $450 here in Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona. Good luck!
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The doctor/tech that performed the IPL didn't seem to care or take much concern for removing the spot. It seemed the clinic was just out for the money, not to help the patient

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