Tried IPL for Hyperpigmentation - Not Sure Yet

I have hyperpigmentation issues and decided to try...

I have hyperpigmentation issues and decided to try out the ipl.

After the first treatment I did not have any change at all. The center said that the settings must have been too low and offered to do a second for free. I did the second one 2 weeks ago and there was a big difference between the two.

I have healed now but the results are stripes on my face where it removed the pigmentation. I am not sure if this is normal and I may need a few more treatments to even it out? This is pricey and I want to be sure it is worth my money to continue.

Anyone with this same experience?


I actually had the first two treatments done at Segolily spa in Layton but decided to go to a different place with a medical background. I have had two treatments done at Avanti wellness center in Centerville and am very pleased with them there. Good luck!
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My mom had the same result but on her back ??? She all so had her hands done with wonderful results ! Where did you get your treatment at ? I am In Ogden and was wanting to have my face done.
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Name not provided

I am still not sure yet!

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