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IPL Burn 9 Months Ago and Still Dark Pigmentation Doesn't Lighten

Hi, I had an IPL done 9 months ago and was burnt....

Hi, I had an IPL done 9 months ago and was burnt. it created an irregular pigmentation on my skin that I still can't get rid of after 9 months. It almost looks greyish compared to my yellowish tone skin that wasn't affected. I read more stories on here about how it's not even suitable for dark skin and I have grade IV skin (mexican).

I've been doing peels, glycolic and salicylic to get rid of it along with hydroquinoine 4%, Vitamin A and nothing has helped. It's actually lightening everything else but where I got the IPL. Can I get rid of it?

I'm assuming that not even several peels aren't going to get rid of it so I'm not considering getting a Yag laser to get rid of this dark pigmentation. I'm just hoping that this isn't permenant. any advice on what I should do?

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Hi, I'm wondering if you had resolution/improvement of your hyperpigmentation and how long it took. Thank you so much for your help
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Hi. I had IPL treatmment done 4 years ago and was burnt which caused a pigmentation mark. I don't think there is really a cure for the pigmentation and I have tried almost everything from hydroquinone, microderm to peels. I want to know if laser treatment for pigmentation works? However, my pigment has just been getting lighter over the years but very slowly. Take my advice and don't go crazy in doing all these internet con creams and cosmetic treatments. If you for sure know that a treatment will work then thats when I will go for something. Good Luck!
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Hi I am 12 months post fraxel laser and am still trying to find an answer to fix my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I have tried numerous strengths of hydroquinone, triluma nothing works. I was told that if its going to get better it will take at least 18months. If it has not improved then it is permanant.
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I too live in West Covina, and am going through the same thing. I had one laser peel to address the hyper pigmentation caused by the photo facial. And although, I can't see a difference the Dr. insists that with each peel the spots will get lighter... I have yet to find any answers anywhere confirming or denying if the damage is permanent damage or if temporary and can be taken care of by peels, or creams.
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