55 Years Old, "Birth Control Pill Mask" on Sides of Face and Chin

Am 55 year old. Have "birth control pill...

Am 55 year old. Have "birth control pill mask" on sides of face and chin, some small scarring from acne, and fine lines.

Went for a facial at a physician's office and the Anesthician suggested the IPL. Gave me a package deal of 6 treatments. Just had the first. It "smarts" for a couple of hours, but not terribly so. Afterwards had some redness and swelling in the cheek and eye areas. After a week, I am really pleased at the results. The "pepper" is almost gone.

Will get a treatment once a month for the remainder. I'm really excited if it gets better than this!


Did you use numbing cream? I have had one treatment (some brown spots)but 2nd treatment got nothing. I was afraid to have the power increased due to all the horror stories on this site about burning but $300 is a lot for each treatment not to get any results. I am wondering if I should allow her to increase strength.
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