I Was Overfilled with Restylane in the Eye Trough Areas

I had fat pads causing me to look tired all the...

I had fat pads causing me to look tired all the time. They were getting severe.

I went to a dermatologist and she injected me successfully twice but not to the extent I was hoping. I then when to another physician to see about fat pad removal or repositioning. He said to wait until the Juvederm went away or he could inject me again with Restylane and get the trough done which was still a bit of an issue but not bad.

The previous physician did not want to inject it as there was so much improvement in what she had already done and it was risky and could cause bags. She was right. That is exactly what happened and now I need to get correction.

Has any one experienced overfilling in the eye trough area after previously succesful injections?
Dr. Neufeld. I liked Dr. Leslie Gray

He was too agressive in the eye trough area. This is a delicate area in which I had success with a previous physician who was very conservative

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Hi, As it runs out, it was actually probably not so much overfilled as a couple lumps. One on the right side of my eye and then when he filled in a bit on the left side of my eye too, it much have gotten into an area of fluid and it just swelled quite a bit almost immediately and it was still puffy right under eye 3 weeks later. So he injected Hyalurondise on either side of my eye, and then a little under each eye where there was just a bit of a elongated bump on each side. Well the swelling on the left is MUCH better after 24 hrs and the right side lump is gone - GREAT. However, those little long bumps under my eyes today are quite large! They look like bags! It has only been 24 hrs but can you tell me if this is normal and is it going to subside in a few days? I have to be client facing on Monday...... Only day I can go back in for another injections is Tommorrow.... WHich is only 2 days after the first ones...
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Usually the eye trough area needs to be injected 3-4 times slowly with tiny amounts of restylane or juvederm each time. Hyaluronidase can be injected into the overcorrected areas to bring them down. Don't worry. It is fixable. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD
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