I Want to Remove Excess Fat Transferred into my Forehead.

I had a fat transferred into my forehead, and now...

I had a fat transferred into my forehead, and now am seeking a treatment to remove the excess amount of fat having tried two traditional liposuction procedures but without any result.

I have a depression in my forehead following an accident. My doctor did a good job by filling the area with fat, however there is some excess which I want to get rid of it. I tried traditional liposuction twice but without gaining any result.

My question is: can smart lipo do my a favor or I won't get any notable result?
same problem for me, except that I did it in vipclinic (korea) after the advice of the consultant... I used to have a normal forehead before... so imagine big problem I have now..
same nightmare here. Please share more info on the removal and survival rate of the fat, my whole face looks flatter and fatter now... literally paying to fxxk my face...
What does your face look like now. I hope you have ended up with a much more favorable outcome. I had fat transfer 6 days ago and look fat as well, I am extremely swollen and have and infection on my whole right side. I look like 2 different people, me on a bad day puffy on one side and someone about 50 pounds heavier on the other side. I thought this was a non-invasive procedure with injections just under the skin. Had no idea I would have injections through the inside of my mouth and fat put into my cheekbone!!!! I would have never agreed to have this done
Dr.Thomas N.Y MD

He was honest.

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