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Fuller Lips - I Love Juvederm!

I always wanted my lips to be fuller and about a...

I always wanted my lips to be fuller and about a year and a half ago I had rhinoplasty by an amazing doctor and decided to try juvederm, Im pretty sure there were 2 syringes for 550 but maybe it was just one. But I absolutely loved it I think it turned out better than I expected and I definately want to do it again.

If your syringe charge was $550 it was definitely one syringe or you got a real deal! My one syringe was $565 of Juvederm; I used this in the Tear Trough area and Lips. I don't think there was enough left for a full lip area but the results were great anyway. It is very smooth and the wrinkles are gone! I would go back for more lip filler. I never had any bruising or swelling in the lip area. However the tear trough is swollen and bruised. Takes about 2 wks to look right I have been told.
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

My cosmetic surgeon is also an ear, nose and throat specialist, which is why I chose her to go to when I got my septoplasty/rhinoplasty.

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